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InterContinental Hotels Group plc, informally InterContinental Hotels or IHG, is a British multinational hospitality company headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England. IHG has about 842,749 guest rooms and 5,656 hotels across nearly 100 countries. IHG owns several brands, including InterContinental, Regent Hotels, Six Senses Hotels, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts, Hualuxe, Crowne Plaza, voco H


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Michael Tharp says

"There was bloody scabs and blood on the sheets. I checked in Candlewood Suites in O’Fallon, IL on 12/19/2019 around 1:30 am. My wife and I were tired after driving all day so we just went straight to bed. Around seven hours later at 8:00 am we woke up. At that time, we saw bloody scabs and blood on our sheets. It was not our blood neither one of us had any cuts. The room was not cleaned since the people before me were there. Everything was filthy dirty. I didn’t see the room earlier since I went right to bed. I don’t know if the persons blood had AID’s, Coronavirus, hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Malaria or a Plague. I have pictures that should be attached to this statement to show the condition of the room. I didn’t stay at the discount hotel across the street since I wanted to stay in a clean hotel. I couldn’t have been more wrong about Candlewood Suites being clean. I asked the manager to help me find out who the people were who rented my room last so I could call them and ask them health questions. I ask if she could just have them call me so she didn’t have to give me their phone number, she said NO. I asked for the main number for the IHG Executive Office to get in touch with somebody that would pay for my wife and I to get tested, she said NO. I asked for my money back for the seven hours I spent in the hotel, she said NO. She told me I needed to ask for a refund the same day that I checked in, not the next day. I kept telling her I checked in earlier that morning so this is the same day, she said NO. I turned on my phone video and she ran to get out of the room, ranting out of breath that I can’t take a video of her. She was hysterical after that. A young desk clerk just sat there smiling at her wicked drugged boss. I have now paid over $300 on blood test and my doctor wants me to take more including the Coronavirus Test since the first known case was November 17, 2019 my wife and I need to get tested. but I can’t afford them. Don’t stay here they don’t clean their rooms and they don’t care what happens. I want all my money back from Candlewood Suites will not reply to any of my communications. I would like to take more blood tests before it’s too late."

Julie Pedersen says

"We visited InterContinental Berlin in the beginning of december 2018. When we checked out the hotel never payed back our money deposit on 50 Euros. That is called stealing! We wrote the hotel several times - never got the money back!!! Don't go there!!!!!"

Shaun Bartlett says

"I stayed at this hotel the night before a flight. As most will know, when you stay in a hotel like this, you pretty much wake up, shower and go! I went to have a shower, grabbed the towel and as i went to use it, noticed the most disgusting stains! Not having another towel i had to use a hand towel. One further inspection, not only was the towel stained, but also had a terrible smell to it. Not bad for a 4 star hotel hey? This may seem petty, but a 4 star hotel should be able to provide 1 good towel! I had to literally run from the hotel to a taxi, which left me no time to complain, but wanted to do it when i returned. I sent a tweet this morning and result, they replied with the following - Sorry to hear that. We’d like to help. Pls email contact, res info & room # w/ handle name to (email address) @CrownePlaza I emailed all the details over, thinking "what a speedy reply" They then replied to my email with a generic email saying sorry and they passed my details on. I asked how this helps me? they replied to say they have it on file. On file? I replied again to say HOW DOES THIS HELP ME????? In summary, when you complain via social media, they do all they can to make it look like they will help, you provide them with all details and add it to a file! So when they say "we'd like to help" they actually mean waste more of your time!"

Peter Wolff says

"Crowne Plaza Hotel Docklands London. The Swimmingpool is only open for children from 15:00- 18:30 This is VERY inconvinent. Keycards for the door dosent work Much of Our vacation time was lost on This problem. The Window couldent be closed so we sleept in 10c cold. The Room door jumpes off the hindges When opend"

DL says

"Booked two rooms at Crowne Plaza King's Cross online. On day of check-in I decided to check the online booking, just in case, and discovered my booking had been amended by the hotel, without my knowing, putting two complete strangers in the same bed! I tried to correct the error, phoning the hotel over and over, but getting nowhere. Eventually phoned head office but kept getting cut-off after 10 minute waits. Spent almost two hours trying to get a simple booking corrected, for a mistake I did not make. Thankfully my guests were very happy with the hotel but because of all of the hassle I went through I would not book with the hotel again."

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